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Titanium Bolts, Nuts, Screws and Washers

Titanium screws and fasteners

Light and Strong

Titanium fasteners are strong, lightweight, and corrosion resistant. They are critical to many industries including Chlor-Alkali, Marine, Off-shore Oil and Gas, Desalination, Medical, and Pulp and Paper to name a few. Grade 2 and 5 are the most commonly used grades of titanium screws:

Grade 2: Commercially pure titanium and the most common grade for screws.

Grade 5: Superior strength-to-weight ratio for a unique combination of corrosion and high strength.

Corrosion Resistance of Titanium Fasteners


One of the most notable properties of titanium is its superior corrosion resistance to sea water. Titanium screws have the unique ability to rapidly regrow their protective passive layer in the presence of oxygen, giving them unparalleled resistance to salt water environments.

  • Proven resistance in decades of polluted seawater
  • Usable in ocean depths of a mile beneath the surface
  • Resistant to high velocity, rapidly moving currents as well as stagnant seawater
  • Not affected by the presence of sulphides in seawater
  • Ideal for sea splash and tide zones
  • Seawater resistant to temperatures as high as 260°C

Chloride, Chlorine & Other Media

Similar to salt water, titanium’s strong, protective oxide film which regenerates in oxygen makes it extremely resistant to oxidizing environments, and chlorides solutions, including hypochlorite’s, chlorates, perchlorates, sodium chlorite, and chlorine dioxide. This protection holds true as long as moisture is present which can be as little as 50ppm of moisture. Oxidizing environments in the absence of water can cause titanium to rapidly corrode or even ignite therefore Titanium screws are not resistant to reducing media and acids.

Titanium Fasteners offer Lightweight Strength

Not only are titanium grade 5 fasteners extremely strong, offering 1020 MPa ultimate tensile strength and 950 MPa yield, they are also incredibly light. With a density of 4.51 g /cm³, titanium has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios available to industry. Titanium Grade 5 screws are 4 times stronger than 316 stainless steel at nearly half the weight. This makes titanium fasteners ideal for applications that require both lightness of weight and excellent strength.

Which Grade is best for Your Application?

The most common grades of Titanium fasteners are Grade 2 and Grade 5. Together with our partners we have many years of materials expertise and industrial experience and can help you select the best titanium fastener for your application.


Common metric and non metric sizes in grade 2 and grade 5 are usually available within 6 to 7 days. If not in stock it can be manufactured to order with minimum quantities typically around 25 to 50 pcs. We also can provide fasteners in Titanium grade 7 and grade 23.